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Pregnancy, labor, and birth can be personally transformational and empowering. This transformation goes beyond the obvious changes of introducing a new life into the world. It is in this transformation that mothers, fathers, siblings and babies are born. Having a birth doula available to answer questions, make suggestions, and give emotional support, along with being an ally through pregnancy, labor, and birth can help ease the transition. Doulas ensure both mothers and her birth partner feel supported, cared for, informed, and respected.

By focusing on the natural physiology of birth, doulas help laboring mothers stay in tune with their bodies. While doctors, midwives and nurses are able to care for the medical aspects of labor and birth, ensuring the health and safety of mothers and their babies, doulas are present to handle the psychological aspects, ensuring the comfort and emotional well-being of the laboring mother. The needs of women during their birthing time are complex and continuous. I believe laboring women deserve constant reassurance, support, comfort and respect.

Meet Sarah

I am dedicated to honoring the informed birth choices of all women. It is your body, your baby and your birth! I truly believe all women deserve to be cared for, listened to, comforted and respected through out their birthing time. Babies deserve to enter the world as peacefully and with as little intervention as possible. In an effort to help women and their partners have their best birth, I work to ensure they feel continuously comforted, supported and informed. I hold sacred the wonderment of birth and look forward to helping you welcome your baby peacefully.
Sarah Gomez - Peaceful Birthing